Albury & Border Kennel Club, est 1937.

Club History   

The club has been a part of the border for over 80 years. The club was formed in 1937 and with the exception of during World War 2, when it ceased operations for a couple of years, it has been going strong ever since.


    The club is believed to be the oldest kennel club in NSW, even pre-dating the Royal Agricultural Society which was formed in 1948, which is now more commonly known as Dogs NSW of which the club is affiliated.


    This long history has allowed the club to gain many years of experience, with some instructors having been associated with the club for more than 25 years. The club and its instructors have moved away from the old school style of training with check chains and punishment, with the focus now on a positive reinforcement style of training which many believe result in a happier and more confident dog and handler.


    The club is run by volunteers for the benefit of the local community and its canines. All funds raised through the training course and shows is put back into the running of the club.


    The mission of the club is to educate dog owners in both dog training and behaviour. Regular training provides people with a better understanding of dogs and their behaviour. This will help you figure out why your dog does what it does and how to behave around dogs in order to prevent aggressive responses by the dog thus reducing the number of ‘bad’ or ‘aggressive’ dogs.

Our Committee:



  • President: Alison Parry

  • Vice President: Louisa Ehlers

  • Secretary: Stella Ashton

  • Assistant Secretary: Vacant

  • Treasurer: Billie Lowrier

  • Publicity Officer/Editor: Sam Field

General Committee

  • Shari Shrrock

  • Gordon Cole

  • Chris Adamczewski

  • Bianca Ralphs

  • Irene Mackay

  • Patricia Looker

  • Angela McInnes

  • Robert Pollock

Our club is 100% run by volunteers. We are always looking for new helpers if you are interested.