Obedience Classes - Beginners Course

About the course


Please note - Due to the COVID19 Restrictions we do require everyone to register in advance, please do not turn up on the night without registering. If you wish to attend a beginner's course please email in advance to confirm if there is a position available. 

Our beginner's course runs for 7 weeks in total. The first night is an information session where we explain what you can expect to occur over the next 6 weeks and what we expect from participants. Please do not bring your dog along to this information session.


The course will focus on the basics: sit, down, stay, heel, stand and loose lead walking and can be considered as the next step after puppy class. There is no requirement for a dog to attend any puppy classes prior to attending our beginners course.


Each week the instructor will explain methods to train your dog, which you can then practice at home.


The classes run for an hour each Tuesday from 7 pm, this is also a fantastic opportunity to ask for advice in relation to other behavioral and training methods from experienced instructors. It is high recommended to arrive 10 to 15min early as it can be quite busy and check in can take some time.


All dogs need to be atleast 12 weeks of age and fully vaccinated, proof of vaccination will be required before you can participate in the class.


For those dogs that required a little extra space, due to fear or limited socialization, we are able to accommodate these needs. If you are willing to put the work in with your dog, we are willing to help you.


Price: $100.00

Frequently Asked Questions

When do new courses start?

To see when new courses start please check the front page of the website, or showmanager, a link for this site is on the front page

What do I need to bring to the information session and what time does it start?

On the first Tuesday of the course, you need to bring along proof of vaccination for your dog and the course fee of $100. You are not required to bring your dog to this session.


It starts at 7pm, please be there by 6:50pm to allow time to complete paperwork and reduce any delays due to late arrivals.

My dog is nervous, shy, or reactive, can I still attend?

Yes you can, we are able to help you with these issues through the training provided and advice available. Make sure you let your instructor know your concerns.


If the environment does stress your dog out too much, we are able to assist with alterntive training options.


For those dogs who need space, we have a fluro vest that indicates to everyone that this dog needs space. Further explanation will be provided on the first night

Can more than one person attend each week to train the same dog?

While you are more than welcome to bring the family along on the first night, as it is beneficial that all family members know how you are training the dog and can help inbetween lessons, experience has shown that the best result comes from the same person attending each week, and then working with the rest of the family to pass on what they learned.

They are more than welcome to watch the lesson each week, and if they wish, they can attend a course once you are finished.


Can children attend the course?

We are willing to accept children from 12yrs of age, if you wish for a younger child to take the training, it will be considered based on the maturity of the child and the size and breed of dog and final approval will be required from the chief instructor.

What equipment do i need?

A suitable lead that is neither too long or short and a well fitted collar. Collars we prefer are flat soft collar, buckle collar and martigale collar styles.


Use treats that are special and your dog loves, make sure it isn't too difficult to chew and sizes of treats are not too big. Keep in mind the health of your dog, it is fine to use chopped up hotdog or cheese but there is not need to feed your dog dinner on training nights.

Ensure treat bags are easy to access and you can use a treat bag or a bum bag.


We sell all the necessary equipment each Tuesday if you need anything.

My dog has already participated in basic obedience elsewhere, or I currently compete in obedience shows and want to join your club do I need to complete this course to be a member and attend training?

While we would like all members to attend our beginner course in order to participate in further training available as it provides an intrduction to the club and our training methods, we are willing to waive this requirement on the approval of the chief instructor if he deems the dog is capable of more advanced training

My course has finished, what next?

Completion of the basic beginners course doesn't have to signal an end to your dogs obedience training. If you are satisfied with the basics, you can finish up with the club, if you decide later on you want to return, you can become a member without needed to attend another beginners class.


For those who want to continue on, you will need to become a member of the club, at which point you can participate in further training to reinforce the skills your dog has learned. Membership costs $10 as an initial joining fee, and then $20 yearly membership with discounts available for juniors and also family rates.


Training each Tuesday will have a ground fee of $5 and there are many class levels to progress through.


Many members choose to compete in the dog sports of Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Jumping, Tracking and Retrieving to name a few, at which further training is available as required.


We are always on the look out for volunteers to join the commitee as either general commitee or executive, volunteers to act as stewards when we hold trials or assist in the canteen, all of which helps the club raise money and continue to provide training to the local area.

Agility and Jumping Training

Agility training is held every Thursday at 7 pm depending on the weather, ground conditions, trainer availability and/or ground availability.

Training is open to all financial members of the club and there is a $5 ground fee payable.


For those interested in participating in agility, either for fun or competition, it is a requirement you attend our basic obedience course first. If your dog doesn't obey basic obedience commands, it will be difficult to navigate an agility or jumping course.


For those with young dogs under the age of 12 months will not be allowed to jump at full height or use some of the larger obstacles due to potential for injury to growing bones, don't let this stop you from attending as there is plenty of basic techniques to learn and master.

Rally-O Training

Rally-O is an obedience competition class that  uses signs to indicate what obedience move to complete. It is challanging and fun at the same time, with the added benefit of being able to talk to your dog during the course unlike the tradition obedience trials.


The club offers training on the 3rd Sunday of each month together with practice trial training. Those who participate in the beginners course are welcome to give it a go.

Show Training

Confirmation show training is offered from 6pm each Tuesday for those who would like some tips for the show ring.

Obedience Trial Training

Mock trial training is offered to all members of the club who compete in trials, on the 3rd Sunday of each month, except January and December. This is run by Sam and Graham Field, who are both very successful competitors and Judges with many years of experience and have probably over their careers dealt with any issue you are having and are willing to help with any questions you may have.

Alternative training methods, no wonder Chase is so good!